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If you caught the latest blog (5 Tips for Your 2023 Social Media Strategy), this blog shouldn’t come as a surprise. Throughout the past several years, social media experts have preached the importance of content pillars. Although social media methods and strategies have changed drastically since the idea of content pillars first emerged, the basics are still applicable. As a full-time virtual assistant for wedding photographers, I’m here to let you in on how to utilize content pillars within your social media and blogging platform. Let’s get into it!

Content Pillars Defined

One of the first things you are taught when you enter the world of social media marketing is that content pillars are necessary to help you succeed. While I firmly believe that no singular content strategy will work for every person, I do believe that content pillars are a great place to start. 

Content pillars are 3-5 areas in which your business (or brand) will discuss, highlight, and post content of consistently. These areas can vary depending on what your business is and what you want your business to be

How to Identify Your Content Pillars

The biggest road-block for creators when it comes to content pillars is actually identifying which pillars align with their business. There are a couple of ways I recommend going about identifying your content pillars. 

1. Utilize the JK5 Method. The JK5 Method was created by Jenna Kutcher (the Queen herself). This method ensures that you are creating a diverse feed that goes far beyond your business. Spoiler alert: Diversifying what you post about will help you establish a brand. Go through your camera roll and look at the things you naturally capture (AKA: what you are passionate about). Select 3-4 topics that you resonate with, and 1 topic that sells. I’ll talk more about this below!

2. Create a List or Diagram! Start by writing down what your business is. From there, create subtasks that relate to your biz. If you’re a wedding photographer, it may look a little something like this:

  • Wedding Photography
    • Wedding/Couples Galleries
      • Storytelling
    • Wedding planning tips
    • Photography Tips
      • Tips for Beginner Photographers
      • Tips for Aspiring Wedding Photographers
    • Lifestyle
      • Your photography journey
      • Mistakes you’ve made in your biz
      • Share about your travels

Content pillars for wedding photographers

Utilizing Content Pillars

By creating a list or a diagram of different areas of interest, you can actually see the content ideas write themselves. One of my favorite educators in Social Media (Christina Galbato) mentions creating a Google Doc. with each pillar on a different page. This way, when you come up with a content idea, you can plug it into the document in its’ appropriate category. 

Your content pillars will help you decide what to post when you find yourself in a rut. It’s way too easy to become burned out when you post about the same things over and over again. By utilizing content pillars, your content will have variety. And trust me when I say that your brain will thank you. 

To source ideas for my blogs or Instagram posts, I look at my analytics on Instagram (OR I look at what my audience wants to hear from me). Take note of what does well, and what doesn’t. Please note that just because a post doesn’t do well does not mean you can’t ever post about that topic again. But I want to encourage you to start paying attention to how your content is received. 

Keep a running list in your Notes App or even in a notebook. I even screenshot ideas when I’m scrolling if I see an idea that I have an opinion of. This is your time to shine. Get your ideas out there to be seen.

Content Pillars to Instagram Posts

Gone is the question of, “What am I supposed to post!?” With content pillars, you’ll have a plan in place. By keeping track of what posts perform well and listening to your audience, you’ll notice that your posts will gain more traction. 

Pro Tip: Pay attention to Industry Trends! 

You can search for how certain phrases are performing on Google Trends or Pinterest Trends. 

When planning out your feed, mix up your topics to provide variety within your posts. Say you have 4 content pillars (storytelling, wedding planning tips, photo education, lifestyle). If you plan to post Monday through Friday, your schedule would like something like this:

Monday – Storytelling
Tuesday – Wedding Planning Tips
Wednesday – Photography Education
Thursday – Lifestyle
Friday – Storytelling

By no means do you need to be strict with your schedule, but it will help guide you into a consistent content schedule. Make sure to also mix up how you put forth your content (i.e. Reels vs. Carousels/Static Posts). 

There you have it, babe! I hope these tips for how to utilize content pillars were helpful. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more tips and tricks for social media, blogging, and more. CLICK HERE if you missed the latest posts. And as always, I’d love to be friends over on Instagram (@cpproductivity). ✌🏼

CP Productivity Virtual Assistant for Wedding Photographers

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