You can find me browsing flights on Expedia, hiking with my dogs, curled up on the couch with my hubs (and cats) bingin' our latest show, or jammin' to Mumford & Sons.

I'm Courtney,
Your New Biz Bestie

let's do this thing

Let me guess: ever since you were a kiddo, you've had a camera in your hand? Well to be honest, me too! But alongside that camera was always a wedding magazine. All I wanted was to read my magazines and plan endless weddings in my imagination. Believe it or not, 18 year old me had no idea I actually could do something like that when I grew up.

I did the college thing, the career-hopping thing, the wildly-unhappy thing, and even the unemployed-thing. But the best thing that came from all of those journeys that ended was this one. Serving wedding photographers as a Virtual Assistant has given me a purpose, a passion, and a drive that I never knew could provide. I am surrounded by phenomenal weddings, elopements, and brilliant photographers day-in-and-day-out. 

It's safe to say that 10 year old me wouldn't believe this is my life nowadays. 

This or That

Okay, but like what else?

I've been married to my sweet hubs for 5 years. Together, we have 6 sweet fur-babies (2 pups + 4 cats). We love spending time fixing up our 1880's farmhouse, bingin' our latest obsession on TV, and doing anything we can outside - beaching, swimming, fishing, kayaking. 

No matter how many love stories I've read... I'm living in the best one.

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